seo factors


Search Engine Optimization is the science of ranking your website’s URL (your webpage) higher then competitive URLs when someone searches for a particular term.

Google uses over 200 factors to determine where your website ranks AND without warning  Google (Bing and others) update their algorithm, which determines search engine ranking, from time to time to improve their customers experience.

For example, Google penalizes websites which are not optimized for mobile smart phone searches.  Smart phone searches now are the majority of searches so this makes sense when you understand Google’s philosophy of giving the customer what they want, as fast as possible, and displayed correctly on each device.

Social to Mobile Marketing knows Google’s main concern is sending their customers to the right place when they search for a keyword.   The job of good SEO is to make sure your website is written for both people searching your relevant keywords AND for the Google Bots who crawl your website, save your pages, and determine your ranking based on these 200 factors.